[SOLVED] Audacity crashes on startup (Win11)

Upon opening Audacity (trying to open file or just opening application), a window appears: Exception code 0xc0000005
Attached is the Problem details that appeared.
Crash.txt (66.2 KB)
(I’m sorry I can’t check the version number using the Help menu, since I can’t open it. Is there another way to do that?)

I have tried turning my computer off and on again, but it still isn’t opening.

I don’t remember what I did before this issue appeared.

What solutions are there for me? Thanks!

  1. Have you clicked on the SEND button to send the report to the Audacity developers?

  2. You can try reinstalling Audacity, but when it asks if you want to reset the configuration, do so. (I am not sure of the exact wording).

  3. You can deleting (or renaming) the audacity.cfg file in the %appdata% directory (Windows-R, %appdata%). I think this does the same thing.

Also, see: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/version-3-2-crashing/65665/1

Sorry for the late reply. I was able to delete the configuration and go an update, which stopped the crashes. Thanks!