Solved Another problem with noise removal

I have for my main computer a laptop with Debian with a Mate Desktop environment. Once before noise removal just stopped working. It looked like it was doing things, but nothing happened. I reloaded Audacity again and it worked for awhile then just pretended to do things but in reality, nothing changed. I tried the assumption that somehow the file was corrupted and saved it as a 16 bit wav, then reopened it. I even tried rebooting. Nothing seemed to work.

Recently my local library asked me to do a project for them. I knew I had not figured out the noise reduction problem on my Debian laptop so I grabbed a Win 7 laptop and after a whiled, noise reduction pretended to do things but in reality it didn’t. Audacity 2.02 on both machines.

So this is not an OS problem but something in Audacity got a tummy ache.

The important thing in both of these cases that everything was working smoothly and then stopped working, nothing changed. I tried using several other formats - no go.

I’ve been using Audacity since almost the beginning and understand that sometimes things get out of sync with one another, but this does not seem to be the case. I even tried 32 bit audio wav.

It’s as if I grab a hunk of audio and setting the noise reduction to 0.

If one of my machine gets working it should be the Linux. I am not a fan of Windows or Windows Audacity. The gui interface has a windows mentality that makes things take longer in doing things.

And I am NOT going to do this project on a Mac that I use for collecting dust.

I wouldn’t go out of the way to alienate the Mac people. Two of the forum elves are Mac users.

You can get symptoms like that if you apply the correction wrong or you selected a profile badly or have a damaged profile. Either end of the tool will do that.

You get acceptable noise reduction but it’s not there in your exported show? Did I get that? Or Noise Reduction just stop working, zippo, no effect at all?

We need one of the systems elves to tell us where Audacity keeps the profile information or if this is a known problem.


I mentioned this problem to a friend after posting, and he suggested playing around with sensitivity. I don’t adjust those very often and didn’t this time either. But when I moved the sensitivity settings it started working again. Could there be a bug in the this control that goes random?

As for Apple, I’m glad they like their computers. They can buy mine if they want. To each their own. I just find them slow because of the gui. The engine itself is great.

I shall mark this solved. I am sorry my friend didn’t all before posting. However while popping back in I spotted an issue that I could help on. Maybe it solved their issue. When I can help someone, it always makes the day a good one for me.

I had one of those with a different setting. Nothing would happen until I touched the slider. Then the real slider value suddenly kicked in. That’s been a very long time…


The current Noise Profile is kept in memory for the Audacity session, much like the content of Audacity’s audio clipboard.

There is no noise profile “file” now that CleanSpeech has been disabled.

There is no problem with Noise Removal that I know of that matches what the poster wrote.