Soloing tracks

Hi. I’m sure there is a FAQ for this, so sorry in advance! :slight_smile:

I want to be able to choose the best parts of two voice recordings to make one really good finished recording.

I have the two takes on screen - one on track one, the other on track two. I want to be able to listen to sections of one track at a time, and mute the other one (and vice versa).

I know I can do this by clicking on the MUTE or SOLO buttons. Just, when I am ‘flicking’ between tracks to listen and compare, having to click the SOLO button all the time, slows the process down a bit.

I’m wondering is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between tracks, so only one is audible and the other is muted?

Thank you for your help.


The best I got so far is Shift+S will turn Solo on and off.

Shift+U will turn Mute on and off. I wonder if there’s a way to combine those two in a Macro.


The track that has “focus” is the track that responds to shortcut commands. It can be identified by the yellow border.
Use the Up / Down cursor key to move focus from one track to another.

“Shift + S” to solo the track that has focus.

Example: If focus is on the upper of two tracks:

  1. “Shift + S” (solo first track)
  2. “Down” (move focus to second track)
  3. “Shift + S” (sol second track)
  4. “Up” (move focus to first track)
  5. “Shift + S” (solo first track)