Solo button works like mute; mute button does nothing

Just downloaded the 3.4.0. When I select “Mute” for a track, nothing changes. When I select “Solo,” it mutes the track, but does not put it in “solo” mode (all other tracks muted) like the previous version.

I think you’re looking to change solo-button behavior from
“simple” to “Multi-track” …

or the other way round (from “Multi-track” to “Simple”).

The default has been “Simple” ever since the option existed, but musegroup decided to change it to “multi-track” in Audacity 3.4.0.

This change is mentioned in the release notes:

THANKS. Never had to mess with that before.

I have the same issue, with your prescribed setting in place. I’ve also found that mixing down a stereo track to mono, ends up splitting other stereo tracks, which I then have to manually create as a stereo track.

That sounds a lot like this bug: Stereo tracks splitting for no apparent reason when moving audio clips around · Issue #5491 · audacity/audacity · GitHub
That bug is hopefully fixed for the next “Audacity 3.4.1”.

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