Solo button malfunction

So I’m using Audacity on Windows 10 Pro. In my projects I have several tracks that are muted because I am experimenting with them and want them to remain there, but haven’t worked them in yet. So when I press solo to tweak one of the un-muted tracks, it mutes all the other tracks and plays the single track alone as expected. However when I press it again to bring everything else back, it un-mutes EVERY other track. Including every single track I had muted prior. This is really messing me up cause I need to tweak certain parts by hearing them solo, but I don’t want to delete every muted track that I am experimenting with in the background, and it’s just ridiculous to have to go through and mute all those background tracks again any time I need to hear one in solo mode. I can’t find a way to fix this in preferences, but Audacity did not do this on my old computer(Windows 8.1).

Is there a way around this?

There are two alternative behaviours available. They are described here:
It sounds like you are currently using the “Simple” behaviour.
It also sounds like the “multi-track” option would suit you better.