Software Requirements Document

Hello everyone.

Audacity indeed offers amazing features and is open source software. Excellent work. I would like to contribute to this work by writting a Software Requirements Document, which is part of my study in Software Engineering, Computer Science Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh). I will have had the Document ready until this Monday. The language that it will be written is Greek. However,it will be available in English as well in the future. I am confident that it will support audacity team’s work and progress the whole project.

Please let me know your opinion

Sounds interesting. I will certainly be keen to read the English translation when it is available. It will be interesting to see how your view of the software requirements specification compares with the Audacity Team view. I’m sure there will be many points for constructive discussion.

Here is the completed Software Requirements Document -ΕΓΓΡΑΦΟ%20ΑΠΑΙΤΗΣΕΩΝ%20Audacity.pdf?dl=0

Unfortunately, it is written in Greek. However, it could be translatted if requested. Let me know your opinion on that effort.

This site is in English. If you assumed that meant that we don’t speak Greek, that assumption would be correct.


Thanks for posting. I’ll need to wait for the English version because Google translate does not translate it well enough :wink: