software requirement document

Hello again!
My software requirement document on Audacity 1.2.6 is almost complete.I am going to renew it when the new version will be in use.Could you,please, inform me about when this new version is going to come?
Thank you!!!

1.4.x is waiting for them to complete the documentation. This may be a fortuitous intersection.

Let’s see if one of the Audacity mommies drops in.


Hi Konstadina

When you asked your question on the developers’ mailing list if anyone had written a “software requirement document” before, I answered that we did not know exactly what you meant, but that the operating system requirements for running Audacity on Windows are already noted on our download page. The next stable version 1.4.0 will probably come out in the Spring, but possibly only for Windows and Linux initially. Can you tell us what this document is that you are writing? Is it in a foreign language? Note that if whatever you are writing contains any content from our website or existing documentation (including our draft 1.4.0 manual) then it must be licensed under the Creative Commons:

If this document accompanies some kind of product with which you are bundling Audacity, then we would like the chance to review the text for accuracy.


I am a student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and I chose this project because I want to write the software requirement document for the lesson Software Engineering.I intend to write how this project is used.This document will be in Greek.
Thank you!

Do you mean you are writing instructions in Greek on how to use Audacity (for example what the different menu items do)? If so, please post a link to the document when it is finished, perhaps we can use it somewhere. Or you may be able to help us translate some part of the Audacity program, website or documentation, and make that work part of your project. If you are interested in that, please visit:

and join our translation mailing list:

and introduce yourself.

Thank you.


Hi again,
This is not a manual but a software requirements specification.Like that:

  1. Introduction
    1.1 Purpose
    1.2 Document Conventions
    1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
    1.4 Project Scope
    1.5 References
  2. Overall Description
    2.1 Product Perspective
    2.2 Product Features
    2.3 User Classes and Characteristics
    2.4 Operating Environment
    2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints
    2.6 User Documentation
    2.7 Assumptions and Dependencies
  3. System Features
    3.1 System Feature 1
    3.2 System Feature 2 (and so on)
  4. External Interface Requirements
    4.1 User Interfaces
    4.2 Hardware Interfaces
    4.3 Software Interfaces
    4.4 Communications Interfaces
  5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements
    5.1 Performance Requirements
    5.2 Safety Requirements
    5.3 Security Requirements
    5.4 Software Quality Attributes
  6. Other Requirements
    Appendix A: Glossary
    Appendix B: Analysis Models
    Appendix C: Issues List

I have already finished the software requirement document and i would like you to inform me about how to send it and where in order to ascend it to the Forum.

Hello Konstadina

I received your email and a copy of your document. Of course I cannot read Greek but it looks like a description of the Audacity menus and controls, so it is something like our reference document for 1.2.6:

I have converted it to PDF and placed a link to it on our Wiki page where we give some help in Greek:Ελληνικά_Άρθρα

If you wish, please edit that page so you can give a better description of your document, or add some other content to the page that you think Greek Audacity users might find useful.

Thank you


Hello Gale,
Thank you!