I have in my pc and the audacity 2.0.0 how to use windows xp operating system.
nap know for what reason, when I’m shooting a disco vinyl (new design) the software and recording tracks some stopping a recording and lock unlock just off the pc.
Program already did the same time and stopped off want to know if this is normal and I have to do the same for that severe weather pre-determined?

From already thank

De Paula

Please don’t post all in capital (upper case) letters.

You’ll need to give a lot more detail about what you are doing, what equipment you are using and what the problem is.
So far it sounds like you are trying to do something related to DJ’ing and something about bad weather. Other than that I’ve no idea what you are asking.

First I would like to thank for the answer.
Well, I’ll try to explain better what I am trying to do, have a large amount of vinyl discs and desire turns them on CD, for this I am using Audacity I record the tracks of the disks and export to a folder and later harpsichord CD.
I’m using a Keewood Pick up a receiver RZ 7000, a GE-80 Equalizer PC connected to the plug in the microphone. Adjust the level of signal input through the “volume control input” I set the recording time on site to determine specific time duration (bottom of the Audacity screen) and record any vinyl record after I export one by one the the same tracks, but what happens is that during recording the program lock “for recording” and so am back to work after turning off the PC.
I hope I have explained better what is happening.

Note: My connection with the receiver’s PC is made ​​through the plug output VCR-1 “Audio OUT” to plug "Mic on " from the PC. Wired stereo
De Paula

Thanks, I have a better idea of what you are trying to do, but I’m still a bit confused by these parts:

Do you mean that you are using Timer Record?
or are you selecting a region using the Selection Toolbar?

Sorry I don’t understand this part. Do you mean that recording stops too early, or that recording pauses, or that Audacity crashes, or something else? :confused:

De Paula first let me say that i can not answer the question of how to do what you are saying you are doing. But you said you have a large anount of Vinyl disk to put on CD. I suggest that the easiest way to do that would be to get a USB Turntable and use that. This will get the recordings onto the computer and the you can do any editing thatg you might want to do. Again just a suggestion Marty