Software Not Recording My Audio (Voice)


I am Haja from India.

recently i downloaded your audacity software and installed with lame_enc.dll and i recorded few audio files in mp3 format.
Yesterday i opened mp3 music file in your audacity software and tried to mix the music in my audio file.
From that time onwards my audio option is not working. I mean, my audio (Voice) is not recording in the track, software.
i read your frequently asked questions page and i changed the preferences via edit tab and enabled “software playthrough option”.
but again everything is working except my audio (voice). The software is not recording my voice.
Few times i UNinstalled and REinstalled the audacity software to work freshly.
but no use. the software is not recording my audio (Voice).

Kindly send me details to record my audio (Voice) in the software.

Kind Regards,

See here: