Software Lockup

Version 2.05.0 on win7. The program opens normally but as soon as I open the tab file and then hit open, the program locks up and it locks up badly meaning. ctr/alt/del will not close it nor will any other command except to turn off the computer power.

as soon as I open the tab file and then hit open,

As soon as you do… what???

Open Audacity and Generate > Noise [OK].

Does it make an audio track that looks a little like the attached? If you press play, can you hear hissy or rushing noise?


The two green circular arrows are the play control. I have an interaction between my screen capture software and Audacity. Koz

Audacity imports an audio file or opens AUP project files.

Audacity can import text files containing Labels using the File > Import > Labels… command.

If the device or drive the file is on is failing or inaccessible (for example a disconnected network drive) this will freeze up Audacity.

If you imported the audio or opened the project and saw blue waves, but the computer crashed when you played the audio, then it is a problem with the audio device you are using. See Audacity Manual .