Softening my sibilance

And other Dr. Seuss books!

Seriously, is there anything I’m missing in 2.0.3 (I’ve looked before posting this, of course) that could be considered the equivalent to Cool Edit’s “sibilance-softening” tool, or is it simply down to EQ adjustment? My S’s are far too sharp from any position within the mic’s reasonable radius. Mics are so damn high-end these days; I thought I’d ask about any possible effects/tools that I might try before resorting to sticking gauze in my mouth. Thank you.

There it is. I knew there was one.


VERY awesome. Thanks so much (yet again)!

For others who’d like to check out the plug-in, I’ve found a download that works, and doesn’t involve ads or “bonus programs”:‎

Thanks again for notifying me about that tool.

BTW - The Spitfish de-esser has been around for years.

For the spoken voice files I am processing, it wasn’t working as well as I hoped. I couldn’t find anything that had been created in the last 3 or 4 years (free).

Recently I ran across this one, and it worked for me (audiobook voices) MUCH better than the Splitfish version.

Your milage may vary, but I’ve been very happy with this one. Works great in Audacity.