Soft voice and microphone levels

I was sounding a lot like HAL (for us old guys).

Or any bad cellphone for the kids.

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Having a bit of trouble. I don’t see a Nyquist prompt available under Effect (it’s available from Tools, but I got a touchy dialogue warning when I pasted it there and hit OK). I’m new to this game and struggling to set my RMS in a way that meets ACX checks.

In Audacity 2.3.1, the Nyquist Prompt has moved to the “Tools” menu (it was previously in the “Effect” menu).

What’s the warning?

Nyquist Prompt: Error in Nyquist code

Your code looks like SAL syntax, but there is no ‘return’ statement. For SAL use a return statement such as: return track *0.1 or for LISP…

Hi! Thank you so much for all of your help and offerings.

I’ve downloaded both the SetRMS code and your suggested LF Rolloff.

The code gives me an error in Audacity. I’ve included a screenshot.

I’m using the latest version of Audacity, OS is Windows 10.

Thank you for your assistance!


The “SetRMS” code that is linked in [u]this post[/u] is not a full plug-in. To be able to install it, the code needs to be modified a little with a full set of “required” plug-in headers ( Note also that header comments should start at the beginning of a line (no leading spaces).

If you still require help getting this to work, let me know.