soft synth issues with multi track

I’m using a virtual piano. I want to record the piano into a new track. but in order to record the piano Audacity has to be in ‘sterio mix’ mode which means that when i hit record, Audacity re-records the existing tracks as well as the piano.

Any ideas on how to avoid this and just record the piano?


Stuff like that is always buried in the Windows Control Panel

Windows Control Panel


Yes that’s correct. Stereo Mix will record ALL audio that is being sent to the sound card.

Several solutions, but I don’t think you will like any of them:

  1. Record the virtual piano first while nothing else is playing.
  2. Switch off “Play other tracks while recording new one” (but then you will not hear the other tracks playing).
  3. Run the virtual instrument on a different computer and record from “Line In”
  4. Build Audacity from the source code and include ASIO support (not easy)
  5. Use a different recording program that supports ASIO (Cubase, Reaper, Sonar, …)
  6. Get a real (not virtual) piano

Other than re-building the sorce code i thought of all these. Thought there might be an easyer solution hidden somewhere in the ether.

Thnks alot for th help though guys.