So it would appear the root of the problem...

…was that I disabled all the plugins in the manager & that was why I couldn’t find any of the old Efx in Audacity :open_mouth: So my question is: How do I stop it from scanning upon startup because I have too many & they seemed to gum up the works before… Making the program waste time scanning before it launched [?]

Later on when I’m ready I could add more stuff, but for now I need Audacity to open on demand w/o hassle. Thanks~! :sunglasses:

I asked a similar question here: (requires free registration on the Audacity discord channel, which you can do here:
I’m still waiting for a reply.

Please feel free to join in on that topic.

This issue has been addressed in Audacity 3.2.2 which is now available here:

Doesn’t look like it to me :unamused:

I stand corrected. :frowning: I should have said your concern along with similar concerns of others have been considered by the Audacity development team and they have incorporated changes in 3.2.2 that they feel will alleviate many of these. As much as it may hurt, it is likely they will focus priorities in other directions for the next release.

As before, note that older versions of Audacity are available for download here:

Did you try clicking the Skip button ?

Yep. Does nothing. Cancel works, though. Then it gives me a screen of plugins it already scanned.

I thought if I installed it with “Reset Prefs” it’d stop scanning my PC for 'em?

That would have been nice, huh?. :wink: