So I just want to get the capabilities of Audacity like I remembered it...?

So I have no idea why all the great Native Effects were removed from the menu in the 1st place??? Stuff like Change Tempo, Add Bass/Treble, Leveler the old “Quick Mix” function, etc etc. I can’t make heads or tails out of what the manual is telling me. There’s apparently “Plugin Installer” for Nyquist, but where’s the .exe file for it? Why couldn’t the menu just be left alone? :unamused:

It’s great that now Audacity is 64-bit & accepts more 3rd party stuff. But I made the mistake of adding my entire VST folder and that gummed up the works & made it very tedious to even open the software~!

Anyway, anyone can tell me the easiest way get things as close to the old Audacity as possible it will be greatly appreciated. I’ll make the decision to add more plugins later. Or not

I think they’re in sub-menus, rather than missing.

32-bit plugins (which are old) will not run on 64-bit Audacity. :frowning:
The most recent version of Audacity for Windows is available in 64 & 32-bit …
[32-bit Audacity will not run 64-bit plugins].

Hey, thanks~! Didn’t count on the reply going to Spam :laughing: Good thing I decided to come here & check. I’ll be looking into this.

Okay, so this is not “Old Audacity” :imp: by any stretch of the imagination. Where the eff is Tempo Change? Is it this "Adjust Playback Speed thing? Hate to inform you of this, but it does nothing. I just tried it???

In Audacity 3.x.x it’s in a sub-menu …
Audacity v3, change tempo.png

Not what I’m seeing at all:

I have three ideas for this:

  • go into the Plugin Manager and search for any disabled built-in effects. It may have been disabled.
  • purge the pluginregistry.cfg from the Audacity settings folder (%appdata%\audacity)
  • go to Preferences > Effects and change the sort order to “sort by effect name”.

Okay so I just searched for everything under “Audacity,” deleted it all [which uninstalled it] and then reinstalled. Now the Tempo Change is there. Thanks for the time~! :slight_smile: