snare effect help

Hi, Just wondering if you have a listen to the song below by SquarePusher, towards the end of the song around the 4 minute + mark, you can hear some crazy fast snare(rolls, i guess), if there a way to replicate this effect in Audacity?

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I can’t listen to that file right now, 'cause I’m at work.

If you want to make drum sounds (or other instrument sounds), you are probably better-off getting an application that composes & plays [u]MIDI[/u].

If you can find a sound you like, or if you want to copy from that song, you may be able to duplicate & repeat it with a regular audio editor (like Audacity). In fact, if you just want to copy that part of that song, Audacity will work great! but, i think a MIDI application (or [u]DAW[/u]) is the “proper” way to do it.

Try the Delay effect.

Yeah, I had a play with the delay but could only produce noise…

Here’s some examples made with one snare sample and the Delay effect:

Hi Steve, thanks for you reply, but I’m having trouble with that file type. I can download and save it to a folder but cant locate it, even if I save it as ‘all files’…

Find it in Windows Explorer then drag it with your mouse into the Audacity window.

If you have lost or deleted it, download it again.


I tried on another puter and was successfull!

I quite like that sample, it’s almost what I’m after, but I am thinking it’s maybe more of a hardware thing…