Snap to line initial control point positioning Envelope tool

I am working on a project that has time sensitive adjustment of tracks.

I just started using the time track feature to speed ramp tempo.

The problem I have is with accurate placement of the control points. I cannot for the life of me get an initial control point on the line, as-is.

My cursor is not perfectly on 100% and so it affects the tempo of the whole track when i do not want that.

I want to be able to set control points that sit perfectly on the line.

Is there a snap-to-line auto placement feature?

Yes, see: Boundary Snap Guides

Maybe I am slow. But I do not understand how this is supposed to work.

I am talking about x,y coordinate control points in the enveleope tool.

Is there a way to auto snap to the default line or position on the envelope tool, to place control points?
Is there a way to increment x,y coordinates for the point?

Envelope points are just drag and drop. Click on a control point (or click on the envelope to create a new one) and hold the left mouse button down. Drag the control point to where you want it, then release the mouse button.

If you need greater precision, zoom in (“Ctrl + Mouse Wheel”).

Thanks for the confirmation.

Would be nice if it had snap to position capabilities and an x, y coordinate window for positioning. Since the time track is edited by the envelope tool, and timing is critical, we need precise positioning of the control points

As a tip… you can set the range to match one of your desired limits or starting point. Then pin the control point to max. Then change it later to greater than or lesser than that limit. That is how you can get 100% exactly.

Not quite the same thing, but you might be interested in the “Text Envelope” plug-in: