Snap guides disappeared

I was just working and poof, I can’t see snap guides anymore. I’m looking online for what button controls them but the manual only says what they are not how to control them.
Where are the controls to turn them on or off, maybe I hit a button on accident?

Perhaps you inadvertently enabled “Snap To” (see:
Ensure that is set to “Off”.

Thanks! Wow that’s a little counterintuitive :laughing: , I turned that thing on on purpose to keep my helpful guides on and- that turns them off. Thanks, I spent hours on that one.

Still catches me out too sometimes - I turned mine on for some QA bug testing recently and forgot to turn it off afterwards and then wondered for a while why I wasn’t getting the snap guides.
Fortunately I realized why before I logged an issue for it on GitHub - which would have been embarrassing …