Snap 2.3.2 on fresh Ubuntu 19.04 keeps crashing

I’m running Ubuntu 19.04 on a brand new Dell XPS 13 laptop.

Audacity 2.3.2 was installed as a Snap.


  • Typically after 5 minutes of use the app becomes unresponsive
  • First few seconds of playback play too quickly but sound like white-noise.

Does anybody else get this?

Please report problems with Snap packages (or flatpac) to the person that supplied the package.

This is not a known problem in a normal release build of Audacity.

I’m getting the same thing on Ubuntu 20.04, Audacity 2.3.3. Every 5-10 minutes Audacity freezes, requiring force quit and project recovery, typically 5-10 times while editing a 1-hour audio. Posted review in Ubuntu software center.

Is that a Snap or Flatpak package?
Have you tried their deb packaged version?