Smoothing out spikes in dB Waveform

I am currently trying to merge two audio tracks of different amplitudes at the point of merging, and am therefore trying to smoothen out these irregular points of transition.
My problem is that I can see the spike in DB Waveform, but when prompted to edit in amplitude wf mode I am neither able to discern nor smooth it out with the draw tool. Please help!
Waveform (dB).PNG
Db Wf View: Spike is clearly visible
Same section in amplitude view Why is there no spike? And why cant I edit the waveform in Db view?

“dB” is a “logarithmic” scale that massively exaggerates low level signals. The reason that the “spike” does not appear in the “normal” waveform view is because the actual “size” of the spike is too small to see (or probably “hear”). The logarithmic scale also makes it almost impossible to “draw” waveforms in a useful way, so the developer must have decided to leave that feature out.

Note that you can zoom in vertically on the waveform view: Audacity Manual

Thanks you! I tried vertical zooming and now it worked.