Smooth Out Peaks Over Long Time?

Hello all

I want the audio in the second track to loop seamlessly, which is a chunk taken out of the first track above. However, if you see the darker shaded part of the waveform, you see that it is getting quieter, and when the loop plays again, there is a noticeable mild “click”, which I think is caused by the falling volume of the dark blue part. I did find zero crossings, and extract from those endpoints, both of which fell on the same part of the repeating wave.

Is there any way to go about making the dark blue part of the wave around the same volume, so that the cut is not noticeable?

Audacity’s envelope tool

a noticeable mild “click”

But if the envelope tool doesn’t do it, you might try a video trick.

Most video editors don’t actually cut sound between portions of show. They can’t. They have to cut on television frame boundaries and they would never match, so most of them do a one-frame (1/30 sec in the US) dissolve (cross-fade) between the outgoing and incoming segments.


You can also try a short crossfade (maybe 20 milliseconds) …or a longer crossfade depending on how it sounds and how you want it to sound.

There’s an art to seamless looping and not all techniques work well with all samples.

Some things to try: