smarter selecting

Sometimes i want to use Audacity to select a specific portion of a song precisely.
The problem i have right now is that i can’t get that precise easily.
As far as i know (when i select by clicking on the beginning of the selection and dragging to the end of the selection), the only way to complete this task now is by zooming in ridiculously close to find the beginning of the selection, an then having to remain that zoomed in to highlight until the end of the selection.

This is obviously impractical.

Lately, i have been trying to use labels to “tag” where the selection starts and stops with Labels, but when i try to highlight the selection based off of the labels, i find that the labels do not add any snapping to the actual position they indicate, they merely show where something is, which, when it comes to selecting, are only as good as eyeballing the beginning and end.

Is there a way that the next release (or the stable version of 1.3) could include a sort of “snap to position” function?
You would press the “snap to position” function (STPf) button when the playback cursor is placed in a spot you want Audacity to remember, and audacity would create an anchor (indicated on-screen as a brightly-colored line on top of the track) that things would snap to.When anything (a dragged clip, a selection beginning/end) is dragged within 10 pixels of the the anchor, that thing would snap to the position of the anchor.

Thanks! Yay first posting!

If you have a wheel-mouse, use Ctrl+wheel to zoom in/out
You can then zoom out, make a rough selection, zoom in on one end and use SHIFT+mouse to adjust the selection, then zoom out again and in on the other end with Ctrl+wheel.

The region within markers (Audacity 1.3.x) can be selected by clicking on the label name.

I’m a great fan of using the Edit > Split command to accomplish this task.

First the precise start of the selection then do Edit > Split. A split line appears.

Find the precies end of the selection then do Edit > Split. Another split line appears.

The selection is now defined by the clip between the two split points.

I use this so often that I reassigned the keyboard shortcut for Edit > Split to F7.

– Bill

Niiice! Thank you guys!