Small Wavelength Question. PLEASE HELP!

I am using a PROFX mixer and a AT 2020 mic and when I record on Audacity, I am getting very low wavelengths that are too small for me to be able to audit. When I send the exported files to anyone (I do voiceovers) they too are saying the wavelengths are very low. I turned the mic settings all the way up on Audacity, and also on the mixer and the wavelengths are still reading in between 05 and 1.0 if I speak loudly into the microphone. Before I go turning knobs and flipping switches, I wanted to see if there is a simple setting that I might be missing somewhere in the process. Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in Advance.


PROFX mixer

Which one? Model numbers?

Does it connect to the computer with a USB cable?

Let’s take this one for example.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 10.59.45.png
You should be announcing so that the green lights up to about 0 should flash with maybe occasional +3.

Over on Audacity, the blue wave tips should land between 0.5 and 1. You may have to juggle on this one because the mixer indicator settings may be a little magic. To get the Audacity readings, you may have to boost the mixer lights up to +10 or even higher.

Actual mixer settings will wait until you tell us which mixer you have.

In Audacity post production, you might try Audiobook Mastering and go from there. We have pre-baked tools for that. In general, if you can pass audiobook, you can pass many other voice jobs.

That looks impressive, but it’s descriptions of only three tools.

We can also give you opinion/analysis if you post a sound sample on the forum.


Are the meters on the mixer showing a strong signal?

Does your mixer have USB?

Make sure you’ve selected the USB device as your recording device, and scratch-on the AT2020 with your fingernail to make sure you’re recording from that mic… You might be recording from the mic built-into your laptop.

still reading in between 05 and 1.0

The meters read in dB and 0dB is the maximum.

The scale to the left of the waveform shows 0dB as 1.0 (i.e. 100%) and if your waves have peaks of 0.5 that’s fine. You can use the Amplify effect to boost the levels after recording.

When you run Amplify, what do you see for default amplification?

BTW - This is NOT [u]wavelength[/u]. You are talking about amplitude, or wave height, or recording level.