Small nyquist macro crashes Audacity 3.3 when loop size is increased

Using Audacity 3.3 (or 3.4.0 alpha) with Win10 the following small nyquist macro crashes Audacity (mostly):

(aud-do "NewLabelTrack: ")
(aud-do "SelectTracks:Mode=\"Set\" Track=\"0\" TrackCount=\"1\" ")
(dotimes (i 300)
  (aud-do "AddLabel:")   
  (aud-do (format nil "SetLabel:End=\"~a\" Start=\"~a\" Text=\"~a\" Selected=\"0\" " i i i)))

For small loop sizes (for example loop size=30) the macro works well and creates a labeltrack with all labels. But with higher loop sizes Audacity is simply crashing without any bug report. The higher the loop size the higher the probability for a crash. This doesn’t happen using Audacity 3.2.4. Can sombody verify this.

It’s not crashing for me (Audacity 3.4.0 alpha), but it is very slow. Creating labels with pure Nyquist is much faster (see “Regular Interval Labels” as an example).