Small but irritating import issue

Hello there,

I’ve googled this little issue I’m having when importing stereo recordings generated by a MixPre 10T, but couldn’t find a solution;

Whenever I import via the File menu or drag and drop a stereo file into Audacity it also creates a pair of mono files and makes import slower than necessary. It’s been bugging me for a while now and I can’t seem to find anything in the import preferences which would stop this from happening, any ideas anyone?

Just for clarity, the stereo file is always present but it also adds a pair of mono copies too, for every file imported. I always delete them as soon as I can to speed up importing but obviously, that’s a bit of a pain when you’re adding a load of vinyl recordings into a project to edit and normalize.

You may find some information or clues in the MixPre 10T user manual, or check with their support or their forum.

Are you getting a WAV file?

That is a multitrack device so you’d expect to get multiple mono files, or possibly a multi-track file. If you’re only using 2-inputs, maybe that’s why you’re getting the two mono tracks, and maybe a stereo mix as a 'bonus".