Small bug when adding ID3-tags


Win 10-64, Audacity 2.3.3 (german)

There seems to be a small bug when exporting a file to mp3 and adding the tags.
Everything works fine but “Jahr” (“year”) and “Kommentare” (“comments”):

Input → output

No big problem, but if one of the software-engineers is currently bored by the corona-lockdown and has no idea what to do… :wink:

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What is wrong with the year and comments tags? What exactly are you seeing?

When I write “2020” I should see “2020” but I see “2020//2020” and when I write “” I should see “” but I see “”.

I know why the double year thing happens, and I’m guessing there’s something similar with the comments.

Id3 tags have two different date tags (TYER and TDRC), and Audacity writes both of them so that whichever other applications read, they can see the year. A few apps can read both, in which case you see the date twice. The real problem here is that there are multiple, incompatible versions of MP3s ID3 tags, so it’s not possible to produce one set of tags that work in all applications.

Ah - thank you!

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