small 12 secs clips

just recorded my latest dj set 3 hours 20 minutes long .
trouble i`m having is that its recorded in 12 second clips :frowning:
i found that you can cut and paste these together but when theres 3 hours worth (200 clips or so :astonished: ) this would be a long job to do.
is there any way of joining the clips together a more speeder way ? maybe drop the clips in a programme that loads them together ?
please can someone help as i really gutted this as happened :neutral_face: :frowning:

This is whatโ€™s supposed to happen. When you save an Audacity project as <project_name> it creates a number of things:

  1. a top level master project file called <project_name>.aup
  2. a folder at the same filing level called <project_name_data>
  3. and within the folder a sub-folder structure with lots of little .au files - segments of the recording (your โ€œ12 second clipsโ€)

When you re-open a project with Audacity you should always open the <project_name>.aup top level file. This tells Audacity how to thread together all the little .au files. It is deliberately designed this way so that Audacity doesnโ€™t have to open and work with a single humungously large file, which would hamper performance.

When you have finished editing your Audacity project you can Export it from Audacity as a WAV file or MP3 file depending what sound quality you wish to achieve. WAV files are around ten times larger than the equivalent MP3 files but are uncompressed and thus the audio quality is higher.


thanks for the info but is there no way these au files can all be put together to make a longer clip. cause as it stands one song is in loads of stages and really no good :frowning:

[quote]thanks for the info but is there no way these au files can all be put together to make a longer clip.[/quote[
Yes there is. Waxcylinder was trying to tell you how to do that.

You need to open Audacity, click File โ†’ Open โ†’ and then find the project file you saved as the first time (PROJECT_NAME.aup). When you open that, the whole project will be in one piece and you can use Audacityโ€™s File โ†’ Export function to create one big wav file or mp3 file.