slowing down audio - way down: request advice

I am using Audacity 1.2.5 on Mac OS X 10.4.10. I have a very short sound file (0.008 sec, eight thousandths of a second) and I want to stretch this out to play over roughly ten seconds. When I use the Effect > Change Tempo effect, the sound file does not lengthen in playback, even if I use -99% tempo. Anyone suggest how I might do what I want?

thanks in advance,
Steve B


I think you need the “Change Speed” effect which should be right above the “Change Tempo”.


First of all, don’t use 1.2.5, upgrade to 1.2.6. The earlier version has a pretty serious bug during recording.

The problem with Change Speed is that it will shift the pitch down so low that you can’t hear it. That’s not going to work for you.

It looks like Change Tempo isn’t working for you at all, which is a problem. Looking at mine real quick, I can only use the effect in 1.2.6. My copy of 1.3.3 doesn’t seem to be able to change the tempo at all (looks like that’s a bug).

But even in 1.2.6, I’m trying it on a snare hit sample. I’m limited to making it about 1 second long. If I try applying the effect again I get a whole bunch of clicky echos, not a long drawn out snare hit. I think the problem is that the algorithm isn’t designed to handle radical tempo changes.

I even tried using Change Speed followed by Change Pitch, but when I tried to change the pitch upward by 5000 percent, Audacity stopped responding (I may not have waited long enough).

There might be other software that can handle it, but I’m not sure.