Slowing a sample down...


I’ve heard on a few songs where they do a really good effect of slowing a sample right down, usually in the middle of the song, but it isn’t actually slowed down as the pitch doesn’t change.

Like on Up Tha Wildstyle by DJ Supreme and The Porn Kings - where there is a sample that goes “D…J…Suuppppremmmee and the porrrrnnn kinnnngs”

Also Rock FM in Preston use this effect when they play their jingles on Saturday Night.

Is there a plugin for Audacity that allows this effect, or does anyone know what this effect is called, as I’ve tried looking at slowing the sample down, but that doesn’t sound right as the voices then go way too low.

Audacity 1.3.11 has “slding time scale” which can slow down a track without altering pitch …

[ Very Troy McClure :slight_smile: ]

Thanks for the help, found out that it’s the Tempo I need to adjust not the speed/pitch and it works perfect :slight_smile:.