Slow scroll

When the number of tracks increases beyond
6 or 7 tracks, scrolling, sliding and button
click responses become increasingly slower.
My PC is a duo core 3GHz with 4 MB ram.
Can I somehow make audacity run faster?

I believe it’s still true Audacity runs from one Processor in 32-bit. So it generally doesn’t matter what a fire-breather your computer is.

It does matter what else Audacity is sharing the machine with. Do you leave applications running but napping? Skype and Chat running in the background?

I’m fuzzier on this, but if you leave your machine running all night it will optimize itself automatically, but if you don’t, I know you can make Win7 go through drive optimization and defragmentation manually. My work machines would do that. Consult your instructions, I’m not a Windows elf.


Reducing the screen resolution makes a noticeable
difference still scrolling and zoom is slow.
The taskmanager shows low processor load
but jumps to 100% when trying to scroll.

I assume you mean 4 GB RAM.

What version of Audacity are you using (all three numbers)? See the pink panel at the top of the page.

How exactly are you trying to scroll, and is that vertical or horizontal scrolling?


version is 2.1.1. does that matter?
The entire user interface seems to slow down
including V/H scroll and button responses
somtimes zoom-in responsetime is 5 seconds.

How long is the show? We’ve gotten nailed by people trying to edit five and six hour shows. That’s a problem.


Version of Audacity often matters, just like on any other software forum.

Please say how you are scrolling. It’s best not to use abbreviations.

Actually on Windows 10 x64 and 6 GB RAM, Audacity 2.1.3-alpha with eight tracks each an hour long, I can drag the vertical or horizontal sliders along very fast. Zooming and fitting are known to be causes of slowness.