Slow record - not sample rate!

I have a unique situation. I’m hoping to get Audacity working on this… EOL Linux distro. Hoping to be able to record for a few months before I setup a new rig.

Audacity 2.3.3
CentOS 8 (yes, I know…)

My problem is that recording is slow when using onboard sound (line-in or mic-in), but everything works fine when I record with another device like my wireless headset. I read other threads where the sample rate was off between the system, Audacity settings, or project setting on the bottom-left. All of these (including all devices output by pacmd list-sinks) match up to 44100 for me. Audacity not only records slower, but it appears to be operating slower as well (UI updates on the volume meter are slow).

I can’t help you with Linux but how much too slow?

The 44.1/48 problem is about an 8% difference. That would be if you are actually recording at 48kHz and actually playing-back at 44.1kHz.

If it’s a smaller error (like 1 or 2%) it could be the hardware. Every device has it’s own clock and no clock is perfect so you can get a difference if you record on one device (like your USB or Bluetooth headset) and play-back on your regular soundcard. Some “cheap” soundcards are off by enough to cause problems for musicians. If that’s the problem it will be OK as long as you record and play-back on the same device. (It’s may not really be “OK” but you won’t notice a problem until you play back on a different device.)

The difference is an order of magnitude. If I record for 10 seconds a get something like a 1 second long tone witch is just the background noise pitched up a lot.