Slow performance with multitracks

I’m an experienced Audacity 2.4.2 user.
My system is cpu I7 ram 12 Mb Nvidia gdx 750ti 2 gm ram windows 10

I work with audio multi tracks, sometimes I handle 35-36 audio tracks at the same time.
Even if I have a quite good pc ( I can play new videogames without problems)
I am not happy with Audacity performance when i work with multiple audio tracks. I can see lags even with 10-12 tracks.
Those lags are very high mostly when i load tracks for the first time, then lags goes better. But performance is not smooth while scrolling up and down among tracks. Performance audacity settings are set to default. I think the Audacity don’t use the power of my Nvidia card.
Au files are excluded by Antivirus and temporary folder (sessiondata) is on a SD disk.
Any suggestion?
Thank you.

:smiley: Yes, Audacity’s multi-track performance can be quite atrocious! :frowning:

That is very possible. Because Audacity is a multi-platform system (Windows, Linux, MacOS), it is not optimized for any particular operating system. And I don’t know that Audacity is doing much with the multiple cores. (I assume you mean SSD disk and not SD card). Here is what one forum elf uses for his system:
Is your project also on SSD?

Also, see:

I’m sorry yes… SSD disk :wink:
No My project is on a regular HD
I’ll try to start a new project on SSD
Thank you for your reply :sunglasses:

:smiley: Yes, you are welcome. :sunglasses: