Slow on windows 10 vs windows 7?

Recently I made the switch to windows 10 from 7 and audacity seems all around slower.

Comp Specs:
i5 4690k
16 gb ram
7200 rpm hard drive (where audacity is installed)
250 gb solid state drive (where i edit most things)
gtx 1080
audacity version 2.2.2

the only thing i changed during the reinstall of windows was the graphics card, but i dont see how that would impact audacity.
I do use larger files, hour to 3 hours, but there was no problem with it before.
does it just run slower on windows 10?

Do you have a graphics card with an HDMI port and did you install the HD drivers for it?
NVidia has audio drivers included in their driver package for HD Audio.
I googled for it and there can sometimes be conflicts with the onboard realtech sound HD for motherboards.

Perhaps there is a conflict of some sort slowing down audio render.

On my 750Ti I don’t bother installing the audio drivers or 3D stuff since I use neither (and 3D is not capable on this card).

There are many features in windows 10 which were introduced to make it more phone friendly and universal across all hardware. Many spurious apps run in the background and the default settings may also tune the CPU for power saving rather than performance. Also a large number of drivers were included which may have been used by default in place of vendor specific ones which you might have been using on Windows 7. It might also help Audacity if the temporary storage location is on the solid state drive. With such a large amount of ram the system should never need to page to disk so paging and swopping behaviour might be something to monitor. For any networked computer I would now be wary of continuing to use windows 7 because of security risks.