sliding mode <-> selection mode in one click


Almost all in the title !
I’m often mixing choir singers voices and I have to switch from these 2 modes very often. So I press F5 I perform sliding, I press F1 I select the starting point…
Is there any way to switch between these 2 modes with only one key / click. The best would be right click which is nout used.


You may want to try using the Multi-tool

Pleases see this page in the Audacity Manual:


Why not ! in this specific multi-tool mode, according to the mouse position on the track I’m using either selection or envelope mode, if in addition I press ctrl key I move to sliding mode.

It looks to make the job !

Thanks a lot WC !

In fact, I’m not very confortable when using multi-mode tool. If the track width is small the mouse came often near the enveloppe and the enveloppe tool is selected, so I have to enlarge the track…

Definitively, one good solution would be to have the same capability with ctrl key when using sliding ou selection mode and toggle between the 2 modes.

May I propose this new feature somewhere ?

You can change the F1 / F5 shortcuts to different keys if that would be more comfortable for you: Shortcuts Preferences - Audacity Manual

You could post it as a feature request on this forum board: Adding Features - Audacity Forum
though I would be very surprised if any of the developers take up the idea considering that Audacity already has the multi-tool and configurable keyboard shortcuts.