Sliders for Recording Level and Playback Level

Using 3.3.3 release, I cannot reset MP: Maximum Peak indicators without changing the level setting. This is a problem when transcribing vinyl, because cuing, clicks and pops can peg the MP indicators, giving an inaccurate MP reading for the program material. I need to reset the MP indicators during recording. I would settle for an option on the context menu (by right clicking on the microphone or speaker icon at the left of the meter bar).

Otherwise, I like the UI design of the meters and level setting elements.

Update: I cannot reset the peak indicators at all. Following the instructions in the help topic ’ What the bars and lines mean’, it changes the recording level, and does not change the peak indicators.

Reset via stop/start is not usable or acceptable at least on my system. The EVGA Nu audio interface I use initially generates a clipped peak when engaging record mode, which needs to be cleared so the peak indicator functions meaningfully. Stopping/starting just turns the peak indicator on again. Maybe it would b possible to move the indicators out from underneath the sliders at 100%, so they could be separately clicked.

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