Slider for Recording Volume Not Saving


I would like to set input level at a constant 86, but when I close Audacity after use, the slider reverts to 100.
I swear I remember this only being an issue in new versions, but can’t find anything. Can someone help me solve this?
Much appreciated!

version 2.1.1 Windows 10 (also remember this from 7)

Audacity does not fully support Windows 10 yet:

Audacity does not save the recording or playback volume. The recording and playback level sliders “should” interact with the Windows slider for the same device. So if you choose stereo mix recording device in Audacity and change its level to 86, the Windows stereo mix slider should change to 86.

If you change the Windows stereo mix slider to 100, the Audacity recording slider should move to 100 whenever stereo mix is selected as recording device.

If you change the Audacity recording device to external mic and the Windows external mic slider is on 50, the Audacity recording volume slider should move to 50.

The behaviour above could be influenced by whatever audio device drivers you have. See the link above.


Thanks very much for the info., Gale. I’ll check into this.


Strangely, this issue seems to have fixed itself. I recorded, saved, and exported audio for my show ‘Total Babble’ and now the slider is right where I left it. Perhaps this needed to be done for Windows to save something internally? In any case, thanks for the help!

Some other programs may change the recording level.
I believe that Skype does so by default.
If another program does change the level, then Audacity does not change it back - Audacity just defaults to the current settings.