Slide audio selection region - not audio.

When slicing for candidate loops or samples, frequently the range selected is a viable length to test other areas width. For example, we have an 8 bar sample. I can set the region to about 4 bars in length for my first sample. Now, if I could easily slide my selection to other potential starting points, I would be able to easily select multiple loops for label and export. Currently the only avenue appears to be labeling and manual entry of range timing which is tedious.

One way to do this might be a way simply lock label length and then make it draggable from a handle. However, you most likely are creating multiple labels in a row, so I propose a ‘duplicate label selection’ button first, which would allow you to preserve label A and then slide label B into a new area for testing.

Thank you for your consideration.

Have you tried Selection Toolbar at the bottom?

Edit > Duplicate works for a label if you don’t mind the label in another track but you have to select the label only, not select in the audio track as well. Or, Edit > Copy the label only, click in the label track elsewhere and paste. The easiest way to deselect the audio track is to use Up arrow to give it focus, then hit ENTER to deselect it.

I think these commands would be nicer if they were in the right-click menu of the label.


My preference would be the same track. Also, I believe I’m advocating enhancing the usability and ease of use for audio selections, not as much as leveraging organizational features. I work on large samples of about an hour or so in length and using multiple label tracks would simply go way too far below fold I think.

My ideal workflow would be something like:

  1. Select 4 bar measure manually
  2. Start loop (shift-space)
  3. Refine via dragging etc
  4. Create label (control-b) named Loop A
  5. Toggle drag selection (??? Alt-shift-left mouse click ???) <— new feature
  6. Drag to refine via simple left mouse click <— new feature
  7. Create label (control-b) name Loop B

All the while the sound would be playing unless stopped via space. Repeat 6-7 until finished with lots of four bar loops. Then do entire process again for 2 bar, 2 beat and whatever else makes sense for us sampling fanatics. I believe it would save a lot of time for a common use case.

In place of this right now, ‘exploring’ a long sound is time consuming compared to what it could be so I tend to scan the waveform visually for potential points of interest and stop and start and stop and start etc.