Skype Recording issues

It seems that when on Skype and recording my part of the conversation it seems that it’s recording the other people talking ever so slightly in Audacity. When I put the mic on mute it’s starts recording skype like it’s the primary sound device.

The sounds also seem to be playing through skype as well so the other people can hear themselves talking wit the same issue. slight to nothing normally and then loud when mic is muted.

Any help would be appreciated

You may be listening to the Skype echo management. Skype and Audacity don’t always get along very well. Skype does not play well with others to borrow a school playground phrase, and while it is possible to get everything to work, people who do are technical celebrities. Most people have troubles. I know you’re thinking it should be possible to force Skype to behave with Audacity. It is, it just stops making calls.

Pamela makes some very nice software for managing Skype calls and there are other packages as well.


Thanks for the reply and yeh, that seems to be the case. I’ve changed so many options around here and TV ere and no change except for turning off sound entirely.

Thanks for the links too

Might be time to use Google talk instead.

Might be time to use Google talk instead.

Does Google Talk have a recording option and can you split the conversation?

Remember one very common problem is the need to filter or do effects on one side of the conversation only. It’s almost impossible to split up a mixed conversation into sides once they’re jammed together.

Also, Audacity doesn’t directly edit MP3. Each pass of an MP3 show through Audacity adds compression distortion.

Pamela paid license is not a bad way to produce a show. Pamela Business and Pamela Professional will produce a high quality split WAV performance suitable for editing.