Skype call: can't hear the caller, is possible to fix it?

Dear users,
i had a skype call for the first time with my new laptop.

I registered it, but now I can hear only myself, I red is normal :frowning:


I really need the call, is very important. Someone knows if there is a process to save it and being able to listen what the caller said?

Thank you so much!

if there is a process to save it

Skype makes it very difficult to record the far side. There is no reliable method of recording both sides of a Skype call on one computer. There are reliable ways to record Skype with two computers, or a Skype computer and a separate sound recorder.

You can try Pamela software for Windows. They do pretty well, but that’s paid software.

Post back if you get something to work. You should remember it doesn’t count if recording only works part-time. It has to work well enough to do a weekly show—every week.

We should note that people who do several regular presenters at once in one show make each speaker record their own microphone and then ship the sound files to you. You open all the files and melt them into one show in Audacity. Of course, you can’t do an interview that way.