Skips while recording with new laptop

Been using audacity in my business for almost a decade. Love it but I just changed laptops to a Dell Latitude 5300 with touchscreen. I make hypnosis recordings that consist of a background sound and my voice over it. Now, with this new computer, using the same starter file with the background music track saved, when I record my voice, the program randomly stops playing the background music for about half a second. This may happen every few minutes or even more frequently.
I have no idea what could be causing it but I am using the latest version of audacity. I use an external mic and a bluetooth speaker if that matters. This laptop has 16Gb of RAM so it’s not that and it isn’t space on the disc either and the HD is SSD.
Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

Something is interrupting the audio.

Try to minimize running applications and background operations.

It’s tricky because the operating system is ALWAYS multitasking & interrupting, and whatever is interrupting doesn’t have to be using a lot of CPU cycles, it just has to hog the system for a few milliseconds too long and you get buffer overflow (recording), buffer underflow (playback), and a glitch.

Dropouts, gaps, skips, and Glitches

Your operating system is ALWAYS multi-tasking and interrupting, even if you are only running one application, but you should try to minimize the number of applications running and the background operations. Some people have to (temporarily) turn off their Wi-Fi or anti-virus.

You can try increasing the buffer length. That will allow more time for the other stuff to finish-up before the buffer overflows.

There is a FREE online book about optimizing your computer for audio called Glitch Free.

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