Skipping during recording a Mix


I have had a continual problem with recording a mix properly , the recording sounds fine but during playback it always skips forward, leaving anywhere from 2-10mins worth gone from the final recording. I have read the articles from previous posters with this problem/ audacity website and followed all the steps suggested and I am still having this issue. I used to be able to record fine but I have always experienced this before and solved it somehow but I am at my wits end. Apparently this means the computer can’t keep up with the speed of the mix as it’s recording, and considering what i’m trying to record is 140-156 bpm maybe that comes into play, what can I do about it though,

  • My levels are fine, I used to record at +7db for hour+ mixes before without any skipping and now I’ve moved my gains on my mixer down so that it’s at 0db only occasionally clipping into +1. the gain input on my Citronic usb recording device is set to around 1/3rd of the way up, it’s such a low signal though on screen that’s coming through but i thought it was level related so keeping it low
  • zoomed out as it’s recording
    -turned off show clipping
  • closed all other programmes while it’s recording
  • Changed my audio to buffer speed from 100miliseconds (up to 150, then 200ms

    I’m using audacity 2.1.2 and a Macbook Pro X Yosemite , I may try reinstalling it again to see if that makes a difference, if anyone could advise me i’d really really appreciate it.
    (please note i’m not the most technical)

Reinstalling Audacity doesn’t reset Audacity. Audacity keeps preferences and settings in a separate folder to allow for easy upgrades. If you do want to completely start over (this will delete any custom plugins you have installed. I hope you keep copies).

Drag Audacity Application to the trash.

Go (upper desktop menu bar) > Go to folder > ~/Library/Application Support > Go.

Drag the audacity folder to the trash.

Install a fresh Audacity from here.

See if that helps.


On Mac, that is the wrong direction. You may need to reduce it, perhaps to zero.

See if this helps: Don’t read elsewhere in that Manual though, because it is for the upcoming 2.1.3 version, not for 2.1.2.


from 2-10mins worth gone from the final recording.

I can understand how a buffer setting can cause stuttering, minor clicks or gaps, but two to ten minutes? that’s like somebody turned off the computer and went to lunch. That’s quite an error.

Macs are sorta famous for not stopping apps. Close all your apps and restart the Mac. Save that letter to the gas company. Don’t start anything except Audacity. Do Not let Skype start or any other chat programs.

See if you can get through a session without several verses missing.

Oh, and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with your song. It does matter how many apps you have open, what they’re doing and how full your drive is. Do you ever check that? Do you ever get warnings about “low memory?”