Skipping During iPhone Message Transfer

Hi. I purchased Audacity for one purpose, to download my iPhone messages to my computer (Windows 7, 64 bit). Everything seems to be set up correctly except when I run the voice message, it skips at regular intervals and is recorded that way. The voice mail itself does not skip when played. What could be wrong? Did I accidentally change a setting? Thanks for any help you can offer. - E

Audacity itself doesn’t make noises like that, but the computer around it may. Non-regular noises may mean the computer is having a hard time keeping up. Sound recording is not like recalculating a spreadsheet. The computer can’t go off and do its thing while you make tea. Everything happens right now in real time and if the computer isn’t going fast enough, small portions of the show may just get left out.

There is a software solution that can turn iPhone messages into sound files. There was a recent poster who also had troubles with live transfer, and they found the software valuable. Now you’re going to ask me what the software was…



Here’s the thread.


Further to Koz’s answer, please do not double post. I deleted your duplicate message.

We do not sell Audacity. It is free. We cannot help with versions of Audacity made or sold by someone else.

Sold versions of Audacity are often malware designed to harm your computer. Skipping happens if the computer is too busy. A virus can make the computer busy and this “could” be why you cannot record properly. To be safe, I strongly recommend you uninstall whatever you purchased and do a full anti-virus check.

Then install the latest Audacity 2.1.1 from

If the problem persists after you have cleaned any viruses and installed 2.1.1 from us, please tell us exactly how you are connecting the iPhone to your computer. If you connect from the iPhone headphones to the computer mic port you might get another problem of distortion. You want to connect to the blue line-in port separate from the mic port, if you have a line-in. That will not distort if you record at an appropriate level.

Koz’s link might be a bit confusing as that topic is about a Mac computer, but this is the software that works on Windows as well as Mac: I don’t know how restricted the software is if you don’t buy it.

There is also Copytrans for Windows which looks to be free and might also be useful:
EDIT LATER: I did not look carefully enough. Below the bundle of software applications for $29.99, Copytrans is priced individually at $19.99, but that is less than iExplorer.

Advanced steps only
If you are comfortable with using the “file” command with the command-line, you can do the software steps for free, following to find the “.mddata” files that are actually the “.amr” voice messages you want.

If you install cygwin with appropriate utilities, I think you can find files with AMR content and rename them to AMR in one go thus:

file * | grep 'Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec' | awk '{ FS = ":" } { print $1 }' | xargs -I file mv file ./vm/file.amr


do a full anti-virus check.

Most anti-virus programs work quietly in the background and for the most part, you don’t know they’re there. However, they also have an Exhaustive Mode where they aggressively and thoroughly check everything. You know it’s doing this because you can’t use the computer for several hours. Start one as you go to bed.

If your anti-virus doesn’t have this, you might want to investigate getting a new one. Most of the good ones have this option.