Skipping Ctrl-A? [SOLVED]

Hello and thanks in advance for any help. I recently had to reinstall Audacity, after some computer problems. The new version had changed things up quite a bit, so I was glad to find the version I had before the computer issues (2.1.0) still available. Thanks for that. But…

There is one element that has persisted in this installation of 2.1.0. Before, if I wanted to copy an entire track, all I had to do was click on “Edit”, then “Copy” and the entire track would automatically be highlighted. Similarly, if I wanted to alter an entire track, say, change the tempo of an entire track, all I had to do was click “Effect”, “Tempo” ect. and the entire track would be highlighted automatically.

Now, I have to key Ctrl-A to highlight an entire track before I do any of this. I’m not used to this, but also, it adds a key-stroke every time. Is there some way to change this in preferences, so that I can do it in the simplified way, as I have in the past?

Again, thanks for any help.

Best wishes,

Yes. “Tracks Behaviors > Auto Select if selection required”

Ah! Thank you so much for the fix and for the quick reply! You are a gentleman and a scholar!
[Humble bow.]