skip save project nag box

I’m trying to limit the number of times I have to switch from keyboard to mouse
Edit>Preferences>Warnings>Saving Projects box is unchecked

Audacity 2.1.3
Mageia 6

Unfortunately, Audacity isn’t a WAV editor. It’s a Project Manager, and it doesn’t matter how many MP3s you create, if you didn’t satisfy Project Hygiene, you’re going to get the message.

Yes, it is annoying.


Is this one of those times the Linux people have scrambled Audacity numbers? The current version is 2.2.2.


“Ctrl + Q” (Quit application)
“Alt + N” (No, don’t save.)

Yes the “Yes” is the default in that message and that is intentional to encourage saving of projects so they don’t lose their work.

You should be able to work it from the keyboard without the mouse - just use Tab to tab to the “No” button - then press Enter


Thanks for the replies
no ability to tab on many of the audacity screens, which also require triple clicks to use
ctrl +q, works to close audacity, I am only trying to close the file [which I changed to shift + a]

10 Years ago audacity to lp - mp3 for a couple 100 albums
I was on windows so used MP3directcut & named with Itunes

todays project is chop a few 100 files into twice as many [or more] smaller files

gotta good flow going with some keyboard short cuts
still have a bottle neck at: Export Selected Audio screen, it insists on a .aiff, file extension even though I’m exporting mp3
so move cursor, type mp3, delete aiff

Neither of those are known bugs in the Audacity source code. Perhaps worth reporting them to the package maintainer.