sizzle removal?


There is some noise at back in an audio file. I want to get rid of them. The property in Audacity is useless in this case.
Is there another property in Audacity decrease the dark blue areas in the spectrum. Please see the picture attached.

What do you call this process? I need to get rid of sizzles.
I have also attached the 3 seconds mp3 (72Kb) file to show you the general audio profile. The main file is about 1 MB and can upload if you like.

thank you for your help.



I can’t listen to your file right now because I’m at work.

:frowning: There’s probably not much you can do. The file looks like it was [u]clipped[/u] at one time (probably before MP3 encoding), although the levels look fine now. (Once the file is clipped, information is permanently lost, and reducing the levels won’t help.)

You can try the Clip Fix effect, but that’s unlikely to fix the sound of a badly clipped file.

The performance is badly overloaded and clipped. There is not enough clear sound to rescue. The rescue tools are all designed to help a good show a little bit. Clip Fix can be valuable if you have one short clip every minute and Noise Removal only works on shows with very gentle noises.

Audacity can’t do forensics. We can’t start with 90% damage and make a show.


Thank you very much for your responses. I will try clip fix.

at least I am happy to hear that there is not an easy solution.