SiP Amplitude Histogram

Greetings from Zagreb :slight_smile:

New Plug-In for statistical signal analysis displaying Amplitude histogram as well as DC, and RMS.

On the preview you can see the result of processing the return-to-zero signal with Gaussian noise that I use for teaching at the Zagreb university of applied sciences

Enjoy :smiley:
Amplitude Histogram.jpg
Amplitude Histogram.ny (3.19 KB)

A very interesting and unique output method :slight_smile:
It’s a little bit risky using Unicode as Nyquist itself does not support it, but it worked fine for me.

Also it’s nice to see someone using SAL :ugeek:
Personally I always use the Lisp syntax (SAL didn’t exist when I started learning how to use Nyquist).

One suggestion I would make is to handle the case of long selections (the plug-in crashes if more than 1 million samples are selected). The easiest way to do that would be to use the ;maxlen header (see:

Thank you Steve!
A lot :blush:
Audacity rules :trophy::trophy::trophy: