Singles vs albums [SOLVED]

How do I make a compilation of songs from my pc file?
Lightroom will download only singles or albums for the slideshow.

You should probably tell us the long version of the story starting with the information in the pink band at the top of this thread. What is the job? I mean the real job, not the abbreviated “I need to compile” version. What slideshow and in what application? What are you starting with? Where is the music or clip collection and what form is it in?


Well, I typed the long version, saved a draft so I wouldn’t forget everything - and like “Help”, “drafts” are no where to be found!?
So, let’s start over!
Windows 7
“About Audacity”…I don’t understand what you’re asking?
I downloaded, tonight, Audacity 2.0.6 .exe - assuming that answers the ‘zip’ question.
“The Job?” Trying to download music in to a Lightroom 5 slideshow from my computer music files.
I tried 3 songs that I downloaded from You Tube and one, for example, says ‘03 La Cumparasita Julio 235’. That’s all it says, nothing more.
It will accept this but only 1. It will accept a whole album. But not several singles. Tried seperating them, like e-addresses with commas and then semi-colons, but wouldn’t work.
Thus, my question, how do I compile singles to work like an album?

Do you have these songs in Audacity? Are the songs on separate Audacity tracks and you want to make them into one song? If so, see

Export the song from Audacity without punctuation marks in the file name. You can’t use any of these:

  /  :  *  ?  "  <  >  |

We can’t help you with how Lightroom works - you will have to ask them: Community: Photoshop Lightroom.


I understand I have to go to Lr for Lr! And when I do they’re fast and friendly. I came to AUDACITY because ‘The Lightroom Queen’ recommended it!

And I thought I’d found a solution, with AUDACITY, for (original question) “how do I compile singles to work like an album?”!

Kos, you asked for the ‘long version’ of my situation - is that the reason it’s taking so long to get a response? You were real fast with the admonishments on my lack of initial detail!!

Gale, thx for the info & link! I’ll check it out.

I responded for Koz. Neither of us are clear what you are trying to do. I am guessing you are trying to join songs in Audacity. If you are still stuck please give as much detail as possible. Are you saying Lightroom will only accept a single file for the audio of a slideshow?


Now it tells me ‘the submitted form is invalid!’ Try submitting again!! How 'bout a hint as to what’s wrong with it!
Equipment & Programs:
Audacity 2.0.6.exe (assuming that answers KOZ’s ‘zip’ question).
Windows 7 Professional 2009 SPk1 Intel® Core ™ I7-3770 CPU@3.40Hz/3.9Ghz 16GbRAM 64Bit OS
Lightroom 5
Need to compile 8 songs, MP3s from my PC, in to 1 file, like an album, for downloading in to a Lightroom 5 slideshow.
Lr5 will only take a single song, or 1 album, but not not 8 songs strung together like e addresses.
I really don’t know how else to state it!
I have 300 vacation slides (approx 30 minutes) and don’t really want Frank Sinatra singing ‘New York, New York’ during the Malaga Bull Ring portion!:wink:
‘The Lightroom Queen’ recommended I try ‘AUDACITY’.
And here I am.
Thx to your link,, I’ve gotten thru ‘shortening’ and ‘fade’ editing in Audacity, and exporting a single MP3 song to my PC music file.
It now says I need LAME in order to use MP3s. Something is stopping the LAME download from happening. Tried both the popup (too many ads as warned) and Buanzo’s, but it just stops and says won’t download!
Once I solve that dilemma, I should be able to figure out ‘join’ - but haven’t gotten that far!
Thx for your patience!!
ps…on my 1st try at this, I saved a draft, so I wouldn’t have to start over. Couldn’t find it! Where does Audacity hide them!?:wink:

Perhaps because you took too long to write the message. That is when it happens to me - the cache expires that was holding the message text.

There could be more than one reason the message appears. We don’t write the Forum software.

Excellent, now we know what you are trying to do. :slight_smile:

That site is nothing to do with Audacity, but from memory he doesn’t allow you to right-click.

Try clicking this link then left-click the link “Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe”. E-mail Buanzo (link at the top of if you want help.

That said, Audacity is not the best tool if you want to only shorten, fade and join, because it re-encodes the MP3’s when joining them into one new MP3. Because MP3 is lossy, that means you will lose some audio quality. If you accept that loss, click “Options…” when you export the MP3, and decide if you want to increase the bit rate. If you increase the bit rate, you will lose less quality but this will make the file larger than it would be if you left the bit rate unchanged.

Here are alternative “direct MP3 editing” tools that let you do cuts, fades and joins without re-encoding the MP3’s: Just open the first MP3, insert the other MP3’s into the one you opened then save it. We can’t help you with using those tools, though.

The draft should be in your User Control Panel (top left of the screen), in the “Overview” tab.


Buanzo and the ‘Lr Queen’ have saved my nights!!:wink:
Here’s the link for doing what I obviously was unable to verbalize!
Thx to all for taking the time to try to help!!