Single track editing.

What setting is having a new track get generated every time I stop (vs. pause) my current track and try to resume recording? I just need one single track for 10 pages of audio book reading.
Thanks for helping this newbie!

To resume recording on the same track press shift+R
It is also available in the “Transport menu > Append Record”.

And if you’re stuck with a show already on two or more tracks, use the Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows) to push each track left and right so they play in the right order. They will smash down to one track when you Export. Koz

Or you can do the time shifting that Koz advocates and the select all tracks and use Tracks > Mix and Render - this will mix all the tracks into a single track.

See This page in the Manual:


Okay, HOW, once you have RECORDED a lot of multi-tracks, can you transpose them all to one long single file. When exporting, they’re all getting mixed down - which we don’t want - we’ve recorded a book - and tried to use the amend feature, but audacity must be buggy because while it worked sometimes, most times it didn’t work (OSX 10.7.5) - but please tell us there is a way to align all these tracks in ORDER and export as a single linear file. THANK YOU!

If you have multiple track and want to align them end to end, select all of the tracks (“Ctrl+A” to “select All”) then “Tracks menu > Align Track > Align End to End”