Single OK but "RECORD" doesn't work

I’m new to audacity. I’m trying to record cassette tapes from old analog tape recorder. I have a new Mac that doesn’t have an AUDIO INPUT, so I’m using a Berhringer UCA 222 so the input comes through USB port. Everything seems to work – when I play the tape, the Audacity Monitor shows that it’s receiving the signal. But I can’t record – the RECORD button doesn’t work (it and the play, record, FF, pause buttons aren’t options (they colors are "dull:). I think I have the settings right, but obviously there’s a problem.

Core Audio
Inpute: USB Audio CODEC
MONO (It’s a mono tape recorder) (I tried stereo but it makes no difference)

I push play on the tape recorder and the monitor tracks the sound.

Grateful for someone’s help.

I’m new to audacity.

Are you using Audacity 2.1.2? Click Audacity > About Audacity.

Did you install Audacity? Audacity 2.1.2 comes with an installer panel and needs you to drag the Audacity icon to the Applications icon. Audacity downloads as a .DMG file and it is possible to run Audacity from that, but it will not work right if you try.


You cannot record if you have pressed ‘Pause’ that’s why the buttons are gray normally.
Have you all other settings right (host, input device and channels)?
Then, record should work after pressing space bar for stop and r for record.

Are you sure you are not already playing audio in another project window? That is about the only explanation I can think of for all those buttons being greyed.

Other than that, Audacity could be just frozen up, in which case, force quit it.