Single File Into Individual Tracks - Track Length Too Long

Windows 10
Audacity 2.1.1

I couldn’t find this issue after a quick search, I apologize if it is repetitive to a previous entry.

I’ve recorded a long audio file (~60 minutes), and added Labels at Selection (CTRL+B). Unfortunately, when I Export Multiple and ask it to “Split Based on Labels” the system is creating files at the Label breaks and including the audio for that label (only), but the overall length of the file is the entire remaining duration of original track.

I.e. I included an introduction in the recording at the very beginning. It runs roughly 3 minutes. There is 3 minutes of audio in the file, but the entire file length is nearly 60 minutes. This means there is ~57 minutes of blank space in the file. The only file that is the correct length is the very last file.

I could load the files idividually, cut the blank time and then save the file, but I would rather figure out what I’m missing to avoid this extra step. Thanks in advance!

I think this is a known problem. Anything here help?


Thanks Koz. Looks like I should merge the tracks into one. Appreciate it.